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This site is maintained by volunteers at their own cost.  It is designed to facilitate the development and sharing of knowledge related to the UAS sector.  There is no profit motive nor any collection of personal information from website users.  The knowledge contained in this website is offered free of charge, without prejudice and in good faith.

No claim is made that this website is authoritative and indeed while every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the rapid progress in all aspects of the UAS sector means that some knowledge in the website may be, at any stage, overtaken by events.  No liability is accepted as a result of knowledge gained from this website.

All the knowledge offered in this website either already exists in the ‘public domain’, or, if any item is subject to intellectual property (IP) and related controls, permission has been obtained from the IP owner for it to be included in this website.

Our main focus is on the UK UAS sector but much of the content may well have use in mainland Europe and beyond.

Our intention is to maintain it as a simple ’static’ website, which is clear and easy to use and without ‘bells and whistles’.  The website is subject to frequent amendment to include new content, delete old content and change the website structure to reflect the developing UAS sector.

This independent website is associated with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Specialist Group of the Royal Aeronautical Society (  by having some volunteers common to both groups. As a result, both groups support the concept of using all forms of communications and the synergy between them to facilitate the sharing of knowledge in support of the development of the unmanned aircraft systems sector.

We hope you find the content useful.

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